December 1, 2005
Volume 8, Issue 11

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For a number of years I lived in San Francisco. It is a place of breathtaking natural beauty - from cliffs dramatically dropping into the frothy ocean to beautiful mountains hiding crystal clear rivers. Sparkling city lights and views of the Golden Gate bridge. And then there's the famous and infamous FOG.

San Francisco's fog is so dense and thick - it's like no other fog I've ever seen. It obliterates everything it covers, no matter how large or small; and watching it come over the mountains is like watching some sort of beautiful, eerie wave cover the earth.

Now that I'm living in Texas (yes, there's a story there), I'm reminded of San Francisco's fog from time to time, because I feel like I'm in it. Blanketed by the fog.

You know the feeling, I bet. You have no clarity; you're not sure what direction to take. To make it worse, all your previous projects seem somehow unimportant; and you're at a loss for a next step. You're stranded in the fog and you can't see your hand in front of your face.

Are you having fun yet? :D

If you're like me, you resist the fog in the beginning. You try to shift your energy, get moving, maybe even try to kick yourself in the butt. But none of it works. So you resist it a little more. You might say to yourself "What's wrong with me?" or start feeling like you're stuck.

This would be a good time to remind yourself that there is Guidance in the fog. That's right - the fog you are experiencing might just be a form of Guidance. And if it is, what is it saying?

My interpretation is that the fog is telling me to stop. To take time to reflect, soak in my recent experiences, pause for a moment. To take stock before I take action.

In hindsight, sometimes I find that I needed to gather my energy before the next activity. Or gather my courage and strength. Or sometimes I needed to alter my course. Or other times I needed to acknowledge what I'd accomplished so far.

Remember the opposite of EASE? (No, it's not work) It's STRUGGLE.

Sometimes the fog is Guidance that you're STRUGGLING and you need to bring in some help. You're trying to do it all alone and YOU DON'T NEED TO.

If you find you're in a fog right now or the next time you find yourself in the fog, ask the question "How is this fog GUIDANCE?".

And if you'd like some assistance in embracing the fog or getting out of it, I'm happy to help - and I'll bring a flashlight :)

In Spirit,


Lauren Lee is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Spiritual Life Coach, and author. Her passion is supporting women who have left their J-O-B and started their dream business to find their voice, their courage, their inner fire and their unshakable core so they can build their successful, profitable business in a way that honors who they are.




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Led by Lauren Lee

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Lauren Lee is a Master Spiritual Life Coach and a technogeek. She spent 15+ years in the high-tech computer industry and has a natural skill for everything technology. Her talent lies in translating all the techno-jargon into easily understandable 'English'. She specializes in knowing about technology tools that work *for you* instead of you working for them.


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Monday, December 5th at 3pm Eastern
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We were all born with an intelligence that helps us make decisions that are right for us - and that's our body. Unfortunately, most of us have had a lifetime of training to ignore what the body is telling us. Join us for an introduction to the Body Knowledge Systemô, so you can learn to live in integrity and find the sense of well-being that your body wants you to have.

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