May 27, 2005

"I always said I wanted to be somebody.
Now I realize I should have been more specific"

- Lily Tomlin, Comedienne, Actress


Who are you? A simple question; and yet the answer can span from the simple to the profound.

How do YOU answer this question? Maybe you answer "I am Lauren" or "I am a coach" or "I am the daughter of Joy and Jerry" or "I am the mother of Katelyn and Kevin". Or maybe you answer "I am a spiritual being having a human experience" or "I am the child of God".

Is there one right answer? Or do they all apply? What if I asked you, "Who are you TRULY?"

You are not your ROLE of mother, daughter, sister, wife, professional, business owner. You are not your checking account, with your worth fluctuating like your balance. You are not the car you drive, the house you live in, the business you own, or how much money you make.

You are not your children. You are not your expectations, your beliefs or your values. And you are not what people think of you either.

You are not your thoughts. You can observe your thoughts, so who is observing?

You are not your emotions, for you can observe your emotions. Who is observing?

You are not your body. It is a glorious temple that houses you, and you are not your body.

So WHO ARE YOU? Finding the answer to this question, can lead you on an amazing journey - to your Self!

Action Steps:

1) Start your day by taking some quiet time to ask your Self "Who Am I?" and journal your answer. Notice if your answer changes over time.

2) As a meditation exercise, find a nice spot outside where you can sit comfortably and quietly for 15 minutes and see the sky.

  • Take 3-4 deep breaths, focusing your attention on your breath. This brings you into the present moment.
  • Ask "Who Am I?" and observe the thoughts that come up. Notice that you are observing your thoughts. Ask "Who is Observing?"
  • Ask again "Who Am I?" and observe the response and notice your body and what comes up. Ask "Who is observing my body?"
  • Ask again "Who Am I?" and notice the emotions or feelings that come up. Ask "Who is Observing the feelings?"
  • Ask again "Who Am I?" and...
    • notice the sky
    • notice the clouds
    • notice Nature

    Keep asking until your 15 minutes are complete. You might want to take a few moments and journal your answers. Repeat this on a weekly basis for a month and notice if there are any changes.

In Spirit,

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee, Spiritual Teacher and Master Spirit Coach, is passionately dedicated to helping you remember who you truly are at your Core, guiding you to find your Voice and your Soul's passion, and empowering you to express your Authentic Self in the world from a place of power, love and courage. From this place, you create the life you've only dreamed of - your ideal career/business, relationship, health, wealth and community.

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